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The District Association Vauban is really into Freiburgs sustainable pilot district

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Sport and Leisure

Sport and Leisure Opportunities at Vauban

In this map there is a summary of usable public facilities at Vauban: Green spaces, meeting points for children and the youth, and also there is a description of different offers about urban gardening. It is our purpose first to help migrants and refugees to have a better overview of the district and to use its features.

This flyer is written in english and in german. Scale is 1:4000, it is for free, but if you like it, you could spend a little donation. It is available at the Social Management of Vauban.

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Booklet Vauban:

Quartier Vauban - A Guided Tour

The Vision of a Sustainable District becomes Reality

Brochure in english and chinese language - 47 pages, many pictures; published in 2009 by the Vauban District Association (incorporated association). New pictures and text-supplements included.
The History / Life in the Quarter / Mobility – Car reduced / Renewable Energy / Building Collectives and self-organized Initiatives / Public Participation / Community Work, cultural Life / Young and old / Variety of businesses

Read the editorial of the brochure

Brochure chinese/english (price per unit, Euro 5.00 plus shipment)
Brochure french/german (price per unit, Euro 5.00 plus shipment)

Shipment within Germany, 1-3 units: Euro 2,50
Shipment within Germany, 4-7 units: Euro 3,50
Shipment within EU, 1-3 units: Euro 4,50
Overseas orders: please ask!

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Perspective of an Urban District

Documentary movie made by Bodo Kaiser, 2010 - 2012
Original with english text, DVD and Blu-ray Disc, 50 min.

“The quality of life here is amazing", says one of the inhabitants in the so called model district Vauban. Why has the district become so attractive specially for families?

The areas of the new houses were mainly built in the years 1998 till 2012. The film shows the new traffic concept and diferent examples of energy-saving biuldings - ranging from low energie standard to passive and energy plus houses. Short Interviews with several inhabitants at home, with architects, members of the district association and social initiatives complete the visiting tour.

The film also presents an caleidoscop of the social and cultural life, which has developed in the neighbourhood. There are project groups und building associations, some of which already starting during the planning process, not to mention the social activities and perfomances on the central market place.

In addition to the publication “Vauban - a tour through “ and the leaflet Vauban Statitik the new DVD provides a lively look at an activ neighbourhood built to high environmental standards.

The DVD costs 18 E. plus postage.

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New – and getting famous very fast!


vivre ensemble autrement –
living different

Pen with a touch of Vauban

French journalistes have written these words into their book and it was the District Association Vauban which let produce these nice pens with this slogan.

Locations where you can buy the pens:
At the office of the District Management (Quartiersarbeit Vauban) and at the bookstore 'Ken active' (Vaubanallee).
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